Monday, May 16, 2011

May 15, 2011

Amy Walter
Mel: I was going to say that Amy Walter is really going for the Rachel Maddow look here, but a bit of research indicates that Amy Walter is actually older, and it looks like she's been identified with this hairstyle for quite a while, too, so I don't know which really came first.  Either way, Rachel Maddow isn't a bad style icon if you're a female making the pundit rounds, and I think this is a good look.  The suit is feminine without being frilly (the latter can easily go wrong), and I think the black adds a nice contrast.

Adam: Yeah, I'm liking the jacket, shirt, Maddow combo too. Subtle pinstripes work well here. Nicely done.

Spencer:  The hair and smile say, "I'm an adorable pixie from a fantasyland full of gumdrops and sugar plums."  But the suit is all business.  I'm loving it. 

Christiane Amanpour
Adam: Jumping Jehoshaphat. Yeah I said it. I mean, This Week can afford wardrobe experts for its #1 Sunday host, right? My guess is they've long since given up. "Let Christiane be Christiane" they tell their friends (because she won't give them any other choice.) Okay, first off, the jacket. Never mind the half-collar, half-no-collar. While, after weeks of carefully monitoring her ever-evolving jacket situation I doubt it's an accident, I'm just going to let that slide. The color is, like, mud brown. Terrible. And then she's got the gall to put on that ugly green shirt underneath. Maybe if she were cataloging communication patterns of gorillas in the jungle for nine or ten years, this would be okay. But no. It's a blight on human civilization. Lastly, what's up with the shoulder pads?? Dear lord. Is she going up against M. Bison in Round 3 or something?

Spencer: First things first, Adam.  You had to Google the proper spelling of "Jehosaphat," didn't you?  Moving on to Ms. Amanpour ... I actually don't mind the color scheme here.  What I can't forgive is the shoulder pads.  Look, Christiane, I know you like to spend your weekends watching old reruns of "Designing Women" on Nick-at-Nite (starring the incomparable Delta Burke), but just because those women claim to be designers doesn't mean you have to imitate their fashion sense.  Seriously, shoulder pads died out with jellies, Hypercolor t-shirts, and the phrase, "Dukakis Administration."  Get with the times. 

Mel: I agree with both of you - this looks like she's out on some sort of '80s safari.  I don't like the color scheme, either.  Initially, I wanted to say something like, "Oh, Christiane, being a serious reporter doesn't mean that you can't be fashionable" but I feel like that would imply that she's wearing something frumpy because she's so bookish and busy that she can't be bothered to worry about clothes.  I don't think that this is the case.  This is not to imply that she isn't bookish or busy - I'm sure she's both, and I think she does a great hosting job - it does look like she's actually trying, though.  She wearing clothes that fit, and that have a lot of detail - she's just choosing ones that don't work well for her.  It seems as though this could be a matter of taste rather than a matter of interest.  We could be in for a long ride here.

Cokie Roberts
Mel: I like the suit, the silk shell, and the necklace, but it is a lot of gray.  Ms. Roberts clearly recognized a need for a pop of color, and I agree with her instinct, but I'm torn on the execution.  I think ultimately I'll give this to her - the flower is a little bit on the huge side, and the trend of silk flower pins ended about ten years ago, but I don't think Cokie was trying to be trendy.  Moreover, it adds a nice seasonal touch of color that complements her and the outfit quite well, and, finally, if anyone can pull off wearing huge silk flower pins, I feel like it's southerners, of which Ms. Roberts is one.  I think this is a little like my Mike Murphy call from last week - it's a whimsical look that isn't for everyone, or necessarily for every day, but I think it looks good here.

Adam: While the flower is just borderline ridiculous, I'm not going to insult Ms. Roberts by comparing this to my own take on Mike Murphy last week. Murphy mistook a gag gift that someone actually meant to give Tucker Carlson for something that could reasonably be worn out in public. This is better. I'm liking the suit, silk, and necklace too.

David Gregory
Spencer: I actually like what David's doing this week.  It's a bit heavy on the pinstripes (tough to tell in the screencap, but both the suit and shirt have narrow pinstripes).  But I think he pulls it off with class and dignity.  Which is more than I can say for Newt Gingrich's interview.

Adam: Booooooooring. Sorry David. The magic's gone.

Mel: I like this.  I never noticed David Gregory dressed so well until we started this blog, but I have yet to find a problem.  He wears well-tailored suits, and seems to know what colors work for him.

Nikki Haley
Adam: To wear a pale yellow jacket, or not to wear it? Governor Haley chose poorly. (She also managed to say absolutely nothing except South Carolina is awesome for a solid 10 minutes, so she must be a decent politician. But that's for a different blog.)

Spencer: It's nice to see that the "Bee Girl" from the Blind Melon video grew up and found a successful career in politics.

Mel: I don't think pastels work well on her, but I'll give her a pass because she's clearly still excited about the Royal Wedding, wearing a Queen Elizabeth-inspired suit.  Since the bin Laden news trumped the Royal Wedding for a while, I think it's still timely.  Too bad it isn't flattering.

Peggy Noonan 

Adam: E.J. Dionne is his classic, shlubby self. Pretty sure he closed his eyes and picked out that shirt, tie, and jacket combo at random. Ms. Noonan on the other hand... the force is strong with this one. And I'm not saying that because she looks good. She does not. I'm saying that because she looks like Ewan McGregor in one of the last few Star Wars movies. Oh, and she talks like she thinks she's Yoda. 

Spencer: You can't tell from this shot, but E.J.'s tie has little pink and white stick figure men on it.  It's either a daring statement in favor of straight-gay relations, or just a damn ugly tie.  As for Ms. Noonan, I'm just impressed that she's able to dress herself.  Sometimes that's hard for "special" people.  

Mel: I like her outfit, and it looks even better on the close-ups.  The jewelry looks good, and I like the little sparkle in the shawl.  They're like a thousand points of light.  But seriously, I think it works for her.  Maybe a little casual for this venue, but it looks better on the close-up. 

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